dcorcoran audio visual engineering offers professional audio-visual expertise for AV dealers, integrators, consultants, and manufacturers. Our rates are competitive, our support and dilegence unsurpassed. Below are descriptions of the types of services we offer.

Services Offered

Certified AMX/Netlinx and Crestron Programming

Audio-Visual Engineering and Audio System Programming

Using a combination of your client’s input, established templates, and our own expertise, we will provide a user interface that is exactly what you need and what your customer wants.

dcorcoran believes that the most effective way to bring a system on-line and get it debugged and working is to have the programmer on-site. We are available for on-site work for all projects. In cases where this is not practical, we provide phone and remote support 24-7 during the critical final stages of any project.

With over fifteen years experience with AV system integration, dcorcoran understands the importance of coordinating control system programming with installation efforts, Audio DSP design, and project schedules. dcorcoran is a team player.

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Critical mistakes are often made in the transition from a really good idea to an engineered system. dcorcoran offers design review and “raking” to make sure the right parts and pieces get into the system.

We provide AutoCAD drawing services for both new work and “as-builts”.

We are factory trained and certified to program audio system DSP logic. We are experienced with complex system structures and can assure that the system performs well and is controlled correctly.

dcorcoran can work with you to provide end-user guides and other documents to assure your client can continue to use the system. We provide user training services as well.