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A family member once commented, “Everyone knows there’s no such thing as ‘AV’ anymore.” Well, her distaste for my career choice not withstanding, I think she was trying to make a good point. Video projection, teleconferencing, and presentation automation are pretty common in today’s business environment. No longer is AV the science project it once was. It is now a tool that is expected to work well the first time, every time.


dcorcoran audio visual engineering was founded by people who not only know AV gear, but are obsessed with it. We know how to choose it, connect it, calibrate it, and program it. We know how to set up and program systems so that people can use them.


Within this web site are descriptions of the services dave provides. Our participation in your project will help you create systems that are easy to use, reliable, and remarkable. Our expertise will help you maximize your efficiency and profit.

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